a box of broken keepsake jewellery

widdershins round the puzzle
she came by ship and the gulls swooped and squawked before land was in sight

bundles of treasured belongings
stowed below
wrapped in lace and packed in shapes
between garments
so that they were safe
waves rock the ship and the cargo creaks and scrapes

her bonnet is caught by the breeze
then fingers grip the railing

it is not enough
not enough

my treasures are not enough
for I left weathered marble statues in the winter garden
they stare alone at the gloom
no one will be there to brush the brambles when springs paints them gold again

widdershins round the puzzle
the gangway trembles and the land is still

these shoes are wrong for a port
they are for libraries and luncheon
their polish will grip the dirt and no one will know
how pretty they were once

widdershins round
the beginning and find the ending first

push so you’ll pull
pull so you’ll push

this is no place for hand made luggage

the plums will fall and rot on the turf in august

the ship has strained the stitching and
my favourite dress is failing at the hem

and the carp in the pool beneath the fountain
who will sprinkle food for them

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