did you clean all the chewing gum off the street by my teenage bus shelter

cities are bodies of the remembered
we walk with the hands of a masseuse
over each scar

a battle or a birthing
the scars tell all

just on this corner i once saw
the back of you pacing up the pedestrian mall
at first unsure
cos your hair was dyed, but the stride was the same
and when i saw your face reflected in a shop window
i learnt you could just as easily
spot people you know
by the determination in their walking

the changing of shop face fa├žades
worn by the sun,
weathered by fashion,
like unrepentant eyes behind a carnival mask,
that seem to say did you see the dance steps
on the invitation,
they are the same as last spring
it leaves me a doubt
of what windows to bring

the great thing about the past that it never grows old

the more difficult in remembering
the more perfect in imagining
steeped into the concrete
the more I like dogs

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