a damn tarot card itches me headlong

light and perspective in distant hills

shuffled like cards over leaping each other

shades of blue.
blue and grey
on the palette

someone said: the words
spill forth
land on the page and are trapped.
i dare not lay a hand
to them.
another had it:
ideas coil like serpents
each scale catching
the light just so,
finding new prism
among the motes

this flimsy ochre of language
is too uniform a pigment.
symbolism is the poison
of subtlety

like like like
like I say
like I mean
like you hear

like like
like you did
like I’ve done
like we didn’t

like he lied
like she tried
like I gave up
and breathed softly
in the sun,
in sunglasses
as sparrows
hunted crumbs


hills shuffled their painting
on the horizon
trading blue and grey
this time you
have the grey
l’ll be the blue

we can try that game
i think it goes
like this

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  1. rose
    29 August 2012

    oooh i like it craig. nicely put. like the pics too.

  2. Suraya
    31 December 2013

    Holy crap you’re amazing.

    More poems please.

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